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Termination of Child Support

Q: My kid turned 18 today, I don’t have to make payments anymore right? A: Wrong. In North Carolina your child support obligation does not automatically end when the child turns 18. If your child is attending school regularly and progressing towards graduation, you will be required to continue payments until graduation or your child […]

Calculating Child Support in North Carolina

Going through a divorce can be one of the most difficult times for an in individual. Adding to the emotional turmoil is the financial uncertainty resulting from a division of assets and possible alimony and child support obligations.  Calculating child support is one of the most crucial parts of a divorce because there are a […]

New Budget Proposal Means Big Changes Coming in NC

The General Assembly’s Joint Conference Committee released its version of the budget for the current fiscal year last night.  The Conference Committee’s proposal will go to the House floor tomorrow.  Amendments will not be permitted on the floor.  In this edition of the budget there are some interesting changes that would change the way cases […]

DUI Sentencing in North Carolina

  If convicted of a DUI in North Carolina the penalty imposed depends on a number of factors to be weighed by a judge.  Based on the driver’s prior record (or lack thereof) and the circumstances surrounding the conviction the DUI will be given a “level”.  The defendant begins presumptively as a level four.  Each […]

Recent NC House Bills Targeting DUI Offenders

04/26/2013 | 

Over the past month members of the State House have proposed a number of bills with the goal of increasing the punishment on those convicted of DUI. House Bill 41 would impact high risk first time offenders (those who blow over .15). First-time offenders currently can receive limited driving privileges that usually last for a […]

Champagne and Champagne

Durham law firm Champagne & Champagne is delighted to announce the launch of our…