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Criminal Defense

As an active criminal defense firm serving clients throughout Durham and the Triangle area, we believe in providing strong and effective representation to clients facing misdemeanor and felony charges. Please visit our Criminal Defense page for more information.


If you received a DUI, you may have serious consequences to face. However, with the right DUI attorney on your side, you have a defense to possibly avoid these penalties. Please visit our DUI page for more information as to how the lawyers at Champagne and Champagne can help you.


When your life is spinning out of control, Champagne & Champagne can help stop the chaos by providing calming, personalized, and effective representation, whether you need a divorce lawyer, child support enforcement, or child support modification. Please visit our Family Law page to learn how Champagne and Champagne can help.


If you find yourself with a traffic ticket and are in need of a lawyer, look no further than the lawyers at Champagne and Champagne. Please visit our Traffic page for more information.

Workers Compensation

Our Durham workers comp attorneys are devoted to prompt, courteous and highly professional service for clients. For more information on what Champagne and Champagne lawyers can do for you, please visit our Workers Compensation page.

Person Injury

Champagne & Champagne in Durham is dedicated to representing people who have been seriously injured by the negligent actions of others. If you need an accident lawyer to represent you, please visit Personal Injury page for more information.

Wills and Estates

Durham lawyers Champagne and Champagne will work with you to tailor your Last will and testament. If you are in need of a POA (Power of Attorney) for your living will, please visit our Wills and Estates page.