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Wills and Estates

A Last Will and Testament (or “Will”) names individuals or organizations who should receive your assets when you die. A Will also names a Personal Representative–the person responsible for handling the administration of the estate which includes payment of all taxes, debts and distribution to those entitled to share in the estate. Failure to have a Will means the law of the state of North Carolina will determine who receives your assets.

At Champagne & Champagne, we tailor your Last Will and Testament to address your individual circumstances and help you avoid potential problems or troublesome issues. We do this consistent with an asset review, including how your assets are titled and how you designate beneficiaries.  With all clients, we use our experience to ensure your will achieves your wishes and makes estate administration easier for your loved ones.will

Estate planning provides for the disposition or distribution of assets (e.g., homes, cars, savings, property, etc.) upon death or during life. Estate planning is necessary to ensure your accumulated wealth passes on to the individuals or organizations you choose and to minimize the effect of federal or state taxes on your estate. Estate planning also includes drafting a durable power of attorney, a health care power of attorney and a living will to address personal, healthcare, and estate issues during your lifetime.

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